eBay ink cartridges genuineness

Unsure if eBay ink cartridges sale I bought are genuine and this is one of the sales where I bought 8 + 8 cartridges for my Canon i350. I wanted JR Ink because I had used this ink before in refilling my old cartridges but it seemed that my old cartridges started to wear out as they weren’t printing out alright so I decided to purchase some new cartridges where I plumped for JR Ink cartridges since I was using JR Ink to refill my cartridges.

I purchased them from this seller where I don’t have the actual sale in my history anymore as it has been some time but this sale is about the same:


I am just asking for an opinion because when I received them they just came in transparent bags with the colour ones only saying made in China on their labels in bags printed in Chinese.

The BCI-24 are getting a little hard to find. If I were you, I’d avoid Ebay inks. Looks like you’re in the UK, Amazon has some compatibles. I think the Jet Tek are fairly popular.

I assume that the BCI-24 cartridges are getting harder to find because the printer’s getting old but why are you saying to avoid eBay links? I only wanted JR Ink cartridges because I’m using JR Ink to refill my cartridges so maybe I should be getting them from their site, but I was looking for them cheaper though when I queried the seller about my previous post he said that it’s because JR Ink has been bought out by a different company and packaging may vary.

I buy compatible ink cartridges from here: https://www.neximaging.com/ Never had a problem with them in my Canon printers.

Thanks for that link but I’m not based in the USA, I’m based in the UK. All I wanted to ask is why do I need to avoid eBay links and do you think that the fact that I received them in unlabelled packaging only signifying that they came from China is at least a little dubious? Perhaps I should be asking the company that but I thought I’d try here first because as an idea maybe they’d lie to me to say that they are so that I may buy them from their website at a higher price.

I wouldn’t assume the cartridges are bad, or substandard, because of the packaging. I bought cartridges from ebay a few years ago and found the consistency of them lacking. ebay sellers tend to change suppliers a lot and you may not get cartridges filled with the same ink every time. I am much more satisfied buying from one place like Neximage and get consistent products. Try looking around this site: http://www.nifty-stuff.com/forum/ It is a very good resource for inkjet printer users that use compatible inks.

Thanks for that link all I really wanted to know was if the seller could be passing off the ink cartridges as a particular maker of them when in fact they could just be general ink cartridges from a manufacturer? I’m led to believe that this can happen overseas such as China where manufacturing is cheaper while they use the cheapest materials and ink then pass them off as being made for a company that is known for their high-quality inks hence no indication on packs.

I now see how it’s easy for someone to pass them off as being JR then, but then if they were the genuine article then the seller should’ve included the packaging and because it wasn’t included then it’s likely that they’re not so that answers my question though I won’t bother you with technical details I should’ve just bought them from their website instead of trying to get them from elsewhere even if they are cheaper as of the above. Thanks for answering my question and I don’t like it when people lie because they’re pretending to sell something that they’re not and they could lose business as of it maybe I should’ve used my common sense since it’s obvious really, isn’t it? Anyway no need to reply and thanks again.