EBAY...Have you guys seen this?

Seems like someone is selling the FIRMWARE upgrade for the LiteOn 812s on EBAY.


Big brass ones on that bloke.

Anyone who has the free time should seriously tank his seller rating.

Actually, I hadn’t seen this one. It’s different than the other one I saw. Obviously this is becoming a larger problem.
I’ll report it, but if anyone else wants to report either it won’t hurt either.

Item numbers (so far): 5102260761, 5100543454

You can pick whatever you think fits best, but I selected:
Report a listing policy -> Fraudulent listings -> Report unauthorized copies

If you find any other similar auctions please let us know in this thread.

This is related to “Stealing Product Property Right” for own commercial benefits, and completely negate you guys’ Objectives of releasing this patch to help (or research) the existing owners of their 812S LiteOn drives. Very negative and possibly shameful that some people could have exploided the situation like that.

Since this is the second Ebay “812S -> 832S firmware upgrade sale” that I have seen in two days, the other was in Australia. I am going to follow Ssseth’s lead and report this; I encourage others to do the same.

@jmike314: Thanks for bringing attention to this!

chuckles ebay’s site is hard to navigate… took me a while to find out how to report things for the first two of these that popped up, so I’ll just let you guys take care of it. :wink: Thanks!

PS: to clarify, the “stealing” of this patch is not what I’m concerned about (as we’re just using a [post=565212]public-knowledge patch point[/post] that has been known for several months)… the concern is over the fact that they’re squeezing money out of people for something that is freely & publically available.

The real problem is that this can lead to problem with this site and all site that gives the links to those program… if it’s marginal, Liteone and other manufacturer will do nothing, cause in one way the patches, hacks, deserves them (we buy a liteone cause it’s easily patched, the tools are great,…) but if this become more used, this could annoy them and create reactions that could be harmfull for us all…

We have to kik those guys in the… before they can spread the bad idea…

The same guy is selling it again:


And this one is in Australia:


I will report their auctions immediately. :a (Edit: Done!) If you can, do the same!

Item numbers are: 5102260761, 5102679601


Thanks for pointing out this!

Also another new one with item id 5102949048 in australia, not sure how to report.

there is a way to kik it… create an account on ebay and put a really high bid on it. This will avoid that this guy is selling something. He will put a negative feedback, so we too…
And each time he does, we does… Since what he does is illegal he can’t complaint…

Yeah, someone probably already did so… all the above auctions ended! :cop:

If the author is reading, well done! :bow:


how can someone sell back something that he/she got for free? maybe .20 cents for a cd plus postage, i can understand, but lets not try to profit from other people’s hardwork. all proceeds should go to the great people that worked on the fw and the gui.

you can find a lot of thing on ebay…
if you like mmorg, some sell their account with high level caracter… The prices can go high for nothing else than 1 and 0…

Thanks for the report, keep em’ coming! If no one reports them people will continue to get away with it.
I see that you say you don’t know how. See my post (the third one from the top) for how to report to eBay.

No offence intended but that’s a horrible idea. High bidding on an item with no intent to buy is almost as bad as what these guys are doing. A bid is a contract & legally binding, so don’t sink to there level. eBay has method’s in place to safely, legally and morally report such activity. :iagree:

Not really…
I don’t know that’s illegal so i put a bid on this cause i really want to have these drive… Afterwards i learn that it’s illegal so i cancel my bid… :cop:

I know that’s not gentle, but that’s the only way to use ebay legally to stop those “#@|@#{#” :Z sellers that sell everything and kill the market. We don’t know though if this guy will do its job after beeing paid…
I regularily use ebay in order to increase my collections (game and watch,…), and i really don’t want to come accros those stupid guys…
You know that this is illegal, that the waranty will void,…
We can say, ok that’s a shame for the one that is too stupid to buy this, but the problem is that could bring us trouble.

If the people of lieteone become angry about this, they could change their strategy, make less customizable drives, pursue you for offering program that change their product,…

As of this morning, it appears the eBay has taken action and removed both of them.

Here it is again… :sad:




Same guy again… now he only sells in UK with immediate payment.
He has 17 “items” available at £ 14.99 (UK pounds!) each.


It is necessary to stop this! Please report to ebay as soon as possible!
Item number is 5104122621

Use this Ebay page.

I used:

Report a listing policy violation -> 
Stolen property -> 
You suspect stolen property is on sale on ebay

and then the email link on the following page.

I used something like this:

“This auction is illegal: the seller is asking money for an (illegal) firmware upgrade which is freely available on the net, and not developed by the seller.”

Thanks for reading and eventually reporting to ebay,