Ebay Hacked


Thanks for the heads up. I went and changed my password.

I’ve already seen similar.
I think this is a scam some companies use to get people to change their password.
Most now push for a stronger password & insist it be alphanumeric.

I also changed my ebay password just in case but I’m still suspicious that the above is the real reason & no one actually hacked ebay.

It is a good idea to change passwords from time to time.
On the other hand I’ve never had one of mine used by someone else on a web site.
How about the rest of the members here.
Have you ever had a password stolen from a web site & then used ?

I order something from ebay about a week ago. I them get a message from ebay and paypal about the person that I was trying to buy from account was hacked. Paypal issue me a refund. I have not change my password yet. But I am going to.

Mr.Bill :iagree:

IMO, it is better to be save than sorry. I try to change passwords on critical accounts about twice a year.

You know it’s probably a lot worse then they’re saying!
They claim they didn’t get financial info, that’s just what Target said
at first!

A few months ago one of them made me change mine before I could proceed with checkout pr whatever I was up to so I think for some it is just getting folks to pick a stronger password, then I have to remember what I changed it to:a