Ebay-funny fiasco

hello to all!!
I’ve had 2 days of laughter out of this,& still cant make upmy mind on how to rate the culpret.i suppect that it was done onpurpose but cant be sure cause i dont ever get any responce back from my e-mails that i send.
I have now contacted pay-pal & we’ll see if anything happens on that end.
But I have had 2 days of laughter out of this situation & it keeps escelating!!
I cant help myself,ok here goes.
I won a bid for a battery for an ipod that was running out of juice,ok.
payed for it last sunday(4-29),expecting it this week at my home.
well low & behold yesterday my little misses calls me & says that a small package showed up. so she opens it up expecting a battery. out pops 5 tubes of k-y jelly!!she calles & asks what the hell am i ordering!!
both are usefull items but hardly interchangeable!!
one is for electral stimuli, the other is for manual stimuli!!
it has been like that since this has happened,hahah, & cant find it in my hart to give the person a bad responce. for a total of 20.00 & shipping
it’s been the funniest thing thats happened.
I told my wife, thats her moms day present!!hahaha
so thats my little world of latly.hope others find it funny & if possible give me a little feed back on how to rate the person.thanks for listining & have a great day all!! :smiley: :clap:

Hahahaha, that’s hilarious…I wouldn’t know how to rate the seller, though :bigsmile: If anything, I probably wouldn’t leave any feedback, or maybe a “neutral” one :wink:

I know what you mean about not giving the seller a bad feedback though…at least he/she provided a laugh!

I have gotta show this thread to my mother, she’ll get a good laugh out of it too :bigsmile:

i’d say, “item will come in handy, if i ever run into a dry spell”

imagine the other person receiving the battery instead of the KY,wtf :eek:


ROTFLMAO :bigsmile:

R u crapping me?? I would shoot that mutha f, lol. Who cares how funny it is, I’d get that guy that guy reported etc etc. Sorry but when money’s involved, thats wrong.

You have been scammed, that is not funny at all. :disagree:

Yeah, unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers on eBay :frowning:

I wouldn’t have laughed, but the OP found it funny, and it was kinda infectious!

That’s why I don’t buy anything from eBay, you are putting yourself in a position to be scammed just by doing business with some of the people there. I only buy from respected online retailers, and am careful even with those (See THIS THREAD.)

I can understand that. :iagree:

It sounds like the OP doesn’t mind wasting money, I personally do not know anyone that would have found it funny if they were scammed. :disagree:

I recently bought a Raid PCI card from ebay for $5 + $19 P&H. They sent me a DOA card.
I emailed them several times & they replied with “Send it back & we’ll replace it”, despite my replies along the lines “I’m not sending it back. It’s too expensive.”.
I checked their feedback & they had a lot of withdrawn feedbacks. The negative feedbacks all stated that they’d received a broken item & the vendor had demanded they pay return shipping (from china to them) as well as returning the item at their own expense.

Hmm … $12 to send it back to china from Oz + $12 p&h from china to Oz … $25 for a new one (from an aussie vendor).

Negative feedback left.

Customer service seems to mean very little to chinese (Hong Kong) vendors, even the large stores.

i got scamed out of 100 bucks on ebay recently…but thanks to using postal money orders…and keeping reciepts of everything…and her ugly email replies…I got this chick…good…
charges federal…mail fraud
internet crimes…using the internet as a fradulant scam…
and shes no longer able to use ebay…

sometimes we have to wait for justice…but i’m glad they threw the book at her…apparantly there has been a tremendous amount of this …and the fact i kept everything…made it easy for them…

side note…i’ll only get like 25 bucks back…but i don’t care about the money…it was her rudeness that made me go after her…telling me there was NOTHING i could do to her…guess she knows different now!!

woohoo you got the bitch good stuff :clap:

That is so sweeeeet!!! I applaud you for getting pissed off and not rolling over on it…more of us should do exactly what you did, we’d all be a lot better off. Kudos S_S… :bow: :bow: :bow: