eBay Engrish - benefit from preventing eyesight

So I’m shopping for a USB fan for my laptop and run across this… I’ve seen some bad Engrish in eBay auctions before but this one takes the cake! :clap:


Keep your eyesight in a good condition

safety & reliability, High efficiency, saving energy

20 times long life than normal daylight
Gentle ray , bright, without frequency change
USB desk lamp is a new develop product catering for the person who working beside desk or using computer under light in long term.

Brand With New Box & Free Insurance
Give you Surprised
Making you more more convenience!!


My favorite—>1.Gentle ray , bright, without frequency change, benefit from preventing eyesight.

2.By using lowest work voltage: 5V, safety & reliability, High efficiency, saving energy.

3.It makes 20 times long life than normal daylight by placing exeed ages cold light tube.

4.The lamp which not only can form a complete set with USB computer socket, but also can directly set with city power supply.

5.Connect lampshade&lamp base in soft tube, economic, beauty. Convenience on easy handle light direction.

To top it off the auction is supossedly based out of the United Kingdom! Suuuuuuuuuuure it is! :bow:

Anyone else have some good ones? :smiley:

Wasn’t this posted in the Quest?

Yeah, it was, but I think the idea is to start a new thread dedicated to funny Engrish translations, wherever you find them…right? :confused:

Everything vital to human existence is posted in the Quest.

What about this one although there are no spelling mistakes it sure is stupid

What the hell is the matter with people? :doh: While it is stupid to put this on eBay, it is infinitely more stupid to buy it. I think I will watch this auction in My eBay… :iagree:

Especially pee powered everything, right? :wink: