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I had a fraudulent seller take me for a car testing tool a few years ago, he listed some bogus positive feedback then listed hundreds of great deals on tools, motorcycles etc. I didn’t double check his feedback enough before I got bit and he took me for 122 bucks. E-bay wanted me to produce a copy of his receipt from picking up my money order in florida before they could do anything for me.
I didn’t have a clue how I was supposed to get that and it wasn’t a ton of money so it never went farther.
I got e-mails later from people all over the globe wondering what happened to their money and that seller, some had bought things worth thousands of dollars.
I still use E-bay but am much more careful about the feedback and who I bid with.
I still like it for some of the off the wall things that are hard to find locally and that is the only major issue I’ve ever had where I lost my money and the product completely but I figured it should be said as a waring to others to be careful.

Ebay Advertisements: BUYER PROTECTION out the wahzoo when using their PAYPAL.
Ebay Actual: We don’t care if you got ripped off. Please send your complaints to “Hellen Back”

on ebay.co.uk i had somebody selling acronis true image (ex office clearance) i emailed him asking it it was genuine software, he replied yes. so i bought it.

when i got the software, it was in a jewel case, a slip of paper with the serial number, when the cd was explored, the set-up file was in a folder clearly named with a warez site name.

i’m not the best with letters, but i drafted one out to him when i had a few days not working (still offshore) and i added in getting the fraud squad involved :bigsmile:

it worked, got all my money + P&P back and the user was banned :cool:

I love Ebay !!!

I have purchased everything from a vintage Carver 1.5t amp to an HP W220h monitor…
I have yet to have a bad experience and this is after about 35 purchases.
I have never had a problem with the seller or with shipping and in a lot of cases the item was much more than I had expected.

For example:
The carver amp - what ? some 20 or so years old.
You’d think the description of the unit showing it’s age might give
you visions of Tommy beating on it with a hammer.
But, when I received it…it had one real tiny scratch on the front panel. You really had to look to see it.
Maybe I am just a time bomb waiting to go off but, for now…
I love Ebay and will continue to purchase from them and their sellers.

Oh yeah, If you notice that “your out bid by me”…lol
you never know who it is…

sorry for the long post but, I do have to tell you this story.
A person I work with…we’ll call him Dave.
Bought a (think it was a ) 77 Chevrolet Chevelle
It was around 13 grand…
Everyone was pumped…it was to arrive in a week and it did…
OMG…this thing looked like you could have bought it at La Jimmy’s
corner auto shop… (it was a piece of crap).
Dave called the guy and said this is not what I ordered.
The guy proved it was and then told him…
For that kinda money you should have came here and looked at it.
I never laughed so hard in my life…
( Dave - prime example of a bonehead. )
Like the man said …if your gonna spend that kinda money…
You had better check it out first…

I have bought many things from Ebay as well, just that one time went sideways. I bought a 1.5t as well, but I got it and the matching tuner for like 50 bucks total at a local garage sale. Unfortunately the amp ran about 10 minutes on a test run and completely ate one channel. 350 bucks later it was running like new again :sad:
I guess they claimed I should have had a load on both channels or something while testing it.
VERY high current and wattage but seems a bit fragile.
I tested it out for a brief period with my Onkyo 777 receiver off the preamp outs and ended up liking the sound of the built in amp better, and I couldn’t get rid of a ground loop or hum in the background. Loaned it to my sisters hubby when his Bryston bit the big one and for him it sounded quiet and almost as good as the Bryston…:confused:
I also bought a 21" crt monitor back when 350 for a used one was a smokin’ deal and used it for 10 years. Lots of other stuff as well.

After around a hundred or so purchases on eBay, I voted for the first category because I did run into problems on one occasion:

[I]The service was problematic and some problems that arose were not solved[/I]

However, I still purchase items there from time to time if the deal is good enough, or if I find something there that I’m unable to find elsewhere. I’ve only given one negative feedback out of all those purchases and have always received positive feedback, so it’s not too bad, overall.