Eazy VCD 1.14c update released

Eazy VCD 1.14c update changelog:

  • Fixed Bug “Add -ota( -d auto ) line to Besweet to fix audio sync problem (woops, my bad)”
  • Fixed Bug “1.14a would tell you that there was a problem ripping after vStrip process”
  • Safe Gard “Changed scanning back to normal, may take a little longer to scan DVD but may solve some errors”


Eazy VCD 1.14a released

  • Fixed Bug “would not work propley or cause run-time error 52 if temp path ended in ‘’ under win9x”
  • Fixed bug “would cause a Run-time error 5 if ifo/vob’s were locked when scanning”
  • Fixed bug “now updates the VFPlugin reg entrys when run to stop .d2v error in TMPGEnc”
  • Safe Gard “will now only run if installed to corect path, if path is incorrect you will get a msg telling you so”
  • Safe Gard “now checks that the Program Chain and Audio Track fields are valid before ripping”
  • Safe Gard “now does not allow certarn size Temp Folder paths to avoid errors in win9x”

Note You must have either Eazy VCD 1.14 or 1.14a installed before updating to 1.14c :smiley:

Shoebedobedoo :cool: