Eating bandwith? Idiot needs help



I am using uTorrent for a couple of months and know the basics but recently my regular Internet has been slowed down considerably (I would say 80%) when I d/l a file.

I am using DSL with two computers online.

I did some “process of elemination testing” and found when I paused all my downloads (3), the problem corrected immediately. When I started one d/l again, there was a slowdown.

I put the Bansdwith Allocation to Low (from High) on them all but it’s still slow.

I know next to nada about anything else. I have an icon at the tray which indicates it’s a “Configuration” utility but as said, I have no idea what this is and even if I did, I might not understand the language involved (see, I am a real Newbee).

Worst case scenario of course is to pause the d/l when I’m using the Internet and the during the night. So it will take longer but it’s nothing critical.

Any input which is idiot friendly will be appreciated.


what speeds are you dling at and what is the maximum download bandwidth offered by your internet service?

you might not have to pause your downloads completely, but slow down the max dl speed until you can find a happy medium at which you can comfortably surf the web and have the files downloading in the background as well. then when you go to bed at night you can crank that max back up so it uses max bandwidth while you’re not using the computer.