Eating at your PC/Laptop

I was just thinking about what to have for supper tonight, and where I’d be eating it. At the PC as usual :doh:

I don’t have drinks at the PC though, too many near-misses in the past.

So, am I the only person that eats at least one meal in front of the PC, or are there others like me? :eek:

Its just you :stuck_out_tongue:

Thought it might be. But then I am a bit odd anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Usually eat a bowl of cereal while weeding through emails every morning, does that count as a meal.

Now how about snacks, always have some goodies at the ready. Dam, these keys are sticky.

Yeah, snacks and cereal count (wow isn’t cereal a bit of a risk? :eek: ). I dread to think what’s inside my keyboard.

I find that when I spill stuff on the keyboard, if I turn it upside down really quick that most of the milk and stuff runs right out of there.

We still love your odd self :slight_smile:

I don’t eat at my pc or my laptop. I do have drinks at my desk though :eek:

No, you’re not alone. I eat at the computer quite a lot, but I also drink (mostly Cokes) there too. I have a big plastic cup with a lid that I use at the computer to minimize the risk.

Cleaning the keyboard is pain. I agree. Just hope things don’t start growing in there!

I can think of one person at least who doesn’t share that sentiment, and I suspect there are plenty more :bigsmile:

Good point :eek:

Since i’m sitting at the PC at least 12 hours a day, i try to take a pause at least for eating. But i still eat at the PC sometimes… Personally i do not consider eating or drinking at computers dangerous, since i can’t remember if i ever spilled something anywhere

as i sit down to read this…Chicken Fried Rice in front of me…i wonder…do i answer honestly or just give the wanted answer…:wink:

YES I EAT at the computer…

Honestly. There is no “wanted answer” :wink:

i’ve just eat a Star Bar (chocolate bar) & a packet of salt & vinegar crisps (chips) oh, but before that i’ve just had about 10+ bottles of Bud, i do wish the kebab shop was open when i walked up the road :bigsmile:

Well your such a man killer i guess. They cannot keep up with your talents :smiley:

Munchies :slight_smile: Are the salt and vinegar chips like potato chips and taste like pickles? I like the chips here in the USA like that.

Having a bowl of Lucky Charms as I am typing here at my pc. I try not to have drinks near my laptop though since I fried one recently by tipping a glass of water into it. :doh:

potato chips, yes, but i’m not sure about the pickles taste, there really just the taste of salt and ermm, vinegar :bigsmile:

don’t think i’m going to eat for a wee while this morning, i think pleanty of water is what i’m needing :iagree:

The salt and vinegar chips are weird, at least the chips that can be bought in Germany. They have all kinds of weird stuff like citric acid added…
What are they like in Britain?

(Yes, I do eat and drink in front of my PC and I really have to take care because I don’t want to spill anything on the hardware…)

I don’t eat off the top of the PC because it is the wrong shape. I usually eat my dinner off the top of my amateur radio rig. It has a nice flat top. :slight_smile:

The only thing I would advise against is eating oranges while you are using the PC. Citric acid is a very effective letter remover.

Not a problem for me, if you mean the keyboard’s keys :slight_smile:
I can type with my own eight-finger touch typing system :wink: