EasyWrite Reader kills CD-MRW under Win98 SE

After installing EasyWriteReader under Windows 98 SE, the InCD check box “Format disc to CD-MRW” disappears. Further, CD-MRW formatted disks are not readable on a standard DVD-ROM drive.

Nero bundled, updated to, then
InCD 3.27 bundled, updated to 3.31, then 3.371
Lite-On LTR-48125W VS04 flashed to VS06
a FireWire (IEEE 1394) enclosure with an EagleTec FireWire PC Card
notebook Twinhead GX with a Toshiba DVD-ROM
Windows 98 SE, fresh installation with IEEE 1394 storage supplement

Windows 98 SE was installed on a new HD with all critical updates, then Nero and InCD and their upgrades. Initially everything worked fine, except that InCD formatted disks were not readable on the second DVD-ROM drive. Hence I installed EasyWriteReader (from www.ahead.de, since I had previous bad experiences with versions included on InCD formatted disks). Then the InCD check box “Format disc to CD-MRW” disappeared, and my DVD-ROM drive couldn’t read disks previously formatted to CD-MRW (yet it can read standard InCD CD-RW disks). In effect, CD-MRW is gone in InCD, although Nero Info Tool still says that my Lite-On supports Mount Rainier!

I tried removing/reinstalling Nero, InCD and EasyWriteReader to no avail; same for the latest updates to Nero and InCD 3.371.

Another frustrating aspect is that a few days ago my older CD-MRW disks were read correctly. Not much has changed in the meantime; I can’t be sure because my daughter uses the notebook, but, e.g., I checked that WinAmp 2.81 was installed without the CD-Recording plugin, and the Adaptec plugin for WMP 7.1 was removed earlier.

On my second notebook with Windows XP Pro everything works fine, so this looks like Win98SE pecularity. In particular, it shouldn’t matter that my Lite-On is “external”.

Could anybody confirm whether this a known defficiency of InCD under Win98SE?

Thanks in advance,


This is normal for many UDF utilities. The reading driver will conflict with the writing driver. You can try installing the reader first, then InCD, but more than likely they will not play well together. You will have to settle for only reading MRW discs in the CDRW drive, and leave the reader off. The reader utilities are intended for systems that have no writer, as MRW requires a MRW supporting drive.

As mentioned originally, some time ago my older notebook with Win98 SE + InCD + EasyWrite Reader could read CD-MRW disks on its DVD-ROM drive. Hence this is doable in principle, and if somebody confirmed that this combination works, we could compare our C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS.

I think if you check with Ahead, they will tell you that use of InCD and EasyWrite Reader on the same system is not “supported”. But that aside, these drivers are very finicky and affect, and are affected by, a lot of system drivers too. I personally would be glad to have just one of them working on my system, let alone 2.

Problem solved with the latest LTR-48125 VS08, Nero, InCD 3.51.61, EasyWriteReader

So far everything is OK, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Thank you Ahead!