i used a program to copy my dvd easydivx and it copies but there is no sound.it converts the dvd into divx but wheres the sound!:confused:

please help!:confused:

Has it worked for you in the past or is this the first time your used it?

Personally I would recommend Vidomi. It is so darn simple to use, works great and gives excellent results.

Have a read at www.vidomi.com and they have some great tutorials there as well on how to use it to its fullest.


This is 3rd time using easydivx and with same results!:confused:

I"ll try your suggestion and report results when Iā€™m done!:bigsmile:


got the program but im lost!:confused:

im trying to rip a dvd to divx and i dont see how to do it with this program!:confused:

please could someone elaborate!


They have a list of Tutorials available in just about every language to follow. Check out http://www.vidomi.com/links.php?op=viewlink&cid=10