Easydivx: How to put Audio and Video Files together?

When I rip a DVD with Easydivx, I end up with 2 Files, the Video and the Audio File. I know I can watch that with the MicroDVD Player but is it possible to configure Easydivx in a way that you end up with ONE single File that is a normal 650 MB Divx Avi which contains both Audio and Video. When I tried to put both Files together with TMPG Enc I ended up with a 1 gb file, way to large for a CD. Please tell what I´m doing wrong.

Dit is wat ik altijd doe met het resultaat van easydivx.

Ik start Virtualdub op, open de video en audio file, en kies voor opslaan.

Virtualdub maakt er automatisch 1 file van + het geluid wordt nog meer gecomprimeerd zonder kwaliteitsverlies.

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For Heiminator: I fon’t know the answer to your question on Easydivx, but have you tried VirtualDub to paste the audio and video together? Make sure you select “Direct Stream Copy” for both audio and video… maybe this will give you a smaller filesize.


Alright it works quite well with Virtualdub

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