EasyDivx 0,71

I have been trying to use easydivx 0,71 and when I run it I will get about 3to 4 minutes into the process and the whole computer freezes. I have to do a forced reboot to get Windows Me back up.

Well you didn’t tell anything about system configuration, but most likely is the operating system. Altough EasyDivx runs good under windows98, I had freezes when tried to use it with WindowsMe. maybe a newer version of program resolve this issue. But not only DivX I had problems with under WindowsMe. had problems with some games and other programs too. Suggestion: go back to WINDOWS98 SE to enjoy the program and other programs too. :slight_smile: For me most stable operating system microsoft release for home users. ofcource I’ll wait to try WindowsXP when greek version released.

I would sugest to use another application if you are running win ME. You can find a lot of rippingtools here