EasyCD5 Window Settings

It bugs me everytime I’m using easyCD and browsing the files on my drives that the settings for column widths are never remembered from one folder to another or one session to another. Everytime I view a folder I can’t see the whole filename because the column reverts to it’s default narrow setting.
Does anyone know of a patch or way to set these colums at a user fixed width?:a

I don’t have a problem with the column widths with my EZCD 5.

The following registry settings are stored in :

[b][HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adaptec\Easy CD Creator\5.0\Creatr50.exe\GUISettings]

You can try experimenting with the settings in your registry (backup the key first) or if you prefer, copy the italicized registry entry to a text editor and save with a .REG file extension. You could then import my registry setting to use for the layout. If it doesn’t work out, restore your own. :wink:

Many thanks my friend ‘Inertia’. I will give it a try. :slight_smile: