EasyCd Creator ( direct CD ) REC files?

I hope someone can help me. I have a bunch of files with the extension .rec from a recovery operation using easy cd creator platinum ( they are saved as a recovery file when you use scandisk that comes with easy cd creator platinum ). The problem is, I don’t have any idea what to do with them…any help would be appreciated

and please don’t suggest " duh…use nero" or something else witty like that…cause it doesn’t help!!

These are the files salvaged when DirectCD’s Scan Disc is run. The files may or may not be damaged, but if the filenames are unrecognizable a sequential numbering system is used with the .REC (recovered) file extension.

The files may still open with the original application that you used to create them, or you may have to try other strategies. If you are not certain of the creating application, examining the files with a hex editor may give you a clue. Renaming the file extension from REC to the actual file type (i.e., .EXE, .DOC, .HTM., .JPG, etc) may allow you to open and recover the file. :wink:

I’ve tried that, but unfortunately it does not work…

Anyone else…???

Hi I have the same problem, I have many hundreds of files, Photo’s which initially my set up identified as OK but then for no reason that I have been able to isolate it refused to see the DVD and went into Scan Disk where it saved the photo’s with a extension of .REC. While I understand this to be a windows extension for recovered files I am unable to find how to open them, any help would be appreciated.