Easycap Video Capture Device

I have a few dozen VHS tapes I’d like to transfer to DVD. I already have a DVDRW drive in the PC, and as a first stab at things bought one of those cheap Easycap USB devices on eBay.

Well, it works - sort of. The main problem I have is that whatever is doing the MPEG encoding is pretty useless - fairly trivial motion (things like arms waving) results in pretty dreadful artefacts.

Question: when using one of these cheap USB devices, where does the MPEG encoding actually get done: in the device, or by the software on the PC?

If it’s the device, then clearly this Easycap is never going to do the job. Presumably others of a similar type (eg. Dazzle) are likely to be similarly bad? Or is it just that the Easycap is especially bad in this respect?

But if it’s the PC software, then presumably I might be able to find something better, although I suppose the CPU might be a limiting factor. (I’m currently using Ulead Movie Factory 4.0 for the capture, and my CPU is an old Athlon XP2400).

I’m beginning to wonder if I should get a standalone DVD recorder, but some of the VHS tapes are bound to have Macrovision and I’m led to believe that most DVD recorders honour that and would refuse to record them. Or have I misunderstood that - is Macrovision on DVDs different to Macrovision on tapes?

So where do I go from here? Shell out for one of those Canopus ADVC things?

i have this device, ram, video card and cpu are all very limiting to this software and hardware. i notice a huge difference in quality on my old machine compared to my newer systems