Easy Xbox mod question



Ok, even though I put my own computers together, I’m a little bit nervous about installing my mod chip that is ariving today.

I have the Xenium Ice chip arriving and here is my question…

After installing the chip, the only things that I want to be able to do differently than I do with my non-modded xbox are play burned backups of my xbox games and maybe play other region dvds. First, can I play these backups without having to install the entire thing on the hard drive, and second, what would be an easy to install dashboard you guys can recommend.

Thanks for your help!


You will need to do one thing to play your BACKUP games.

  1. Install a BIOS on the MODChip that can do that. (Xenium may come with on pre-installed I’m not sure. Check there info.)

If you want to create your own BACKUPs you will need to also install a new “Dashboard” I recommend EvolutionX. Just because they have been doing this stuff since the Xbox came out and make it really user friendly.

BTW post some comments on what you think of the Ice chip after you have it in. I’m looking to get a chip and would be interested in you comments.


i’m pretty sure it comes with its own preinstalled bios (i think some of them come with a gentox bios), so you may also want to flash one of the banks with evox m8 bios as well. Just make sure the chip is turned on and your booting a hacked bios and you can run backups all you want. When the chip is off you should be running an original bios and so you would not be able to play backups then. Although i like evox i don’t think its massively user friendly, i prefer unleashx, but you can have more than one (just run some of them as apps) so you can test them out for yourself and change the default dash around.

And yes you can play any region dvd, the hacked bioses are not region encoded (so you could use XMBC or dvdx to play a region whatever dvd)


Actually you do not need to install Evox to backup discs. What you can do is download the DHCP version of Evox. Burn that to a disc. You can boot your XBOX with that disc!

After booting to Evox, you can take the Evox disc out, put the game disc in and transfer the contents of the game disc over your network (using FTP).

You can also put other apps on your XBOX HD and use the Evox bootdisk to access them. If you configure Evox to update certain folders automatically (e.g. for applications) you don’t need to hassle to access certain folders through disk explorers etc.

There is so much possible, it just depends on what you really want :slight_smile:


ok…FedEx just got here with the chip… what is the very LEAST I need to install in order to simply put a backed up xbox dvd in and play from the disc as opposed to putting it on the HD?


The chip!

Yes, you only need the chip to play your backups. To make backups of original discs, you need to use an FTP server; Evox comes with an FTP server.