Easy way to "slightly" re-master a disc before backup?

I was backing up a DVD movie last night and thought it would fit nicely on a DVD5 with no compression since the movie was only 90 minutes. However, there were two chapters each containing the full length movie (16:9 and 4:3). So DVD Shrink (what I ALWAYS use) wanted to compress the movie to 60% or so. I went to the re-master tab and tried to delete the 4:3 version, but it said I’d have to totally break the menu structure, which I didn’t want to do.

Is there any software that would allow me to easily remove the one chapter while leaving everything else intact?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

i think you’re confusing chapters with titlesets.

I assume you mean you want to remove a titleset but keep the menu, correct?

when you reauthor in shrink you will always lose the menu. it’s just the nature of that program, and in my opinion the only thing wrong with an otherwise great piece of software.

not sure what free programs can do this but clonedvd from slysoft.com will allow you to remove titlesets and still preserve menus. it’s not free, but there’s a 21 day fully functional free trial even if you wanted to just download it to take care of this one movie.



Use VobBlanker to blank out the required titleset.

You can also blank out any forced trailers and if required it can convert the menus to stills to save even more space.

One of the best DVD tools out there and it’s free.