Easy way to find current best DVD writers?

Is there any place on cdfreaks that i can quickly see the current top 5 or so dvd writers as rated by cdfreaks, without having to read through every review over the last year? Perhaps a quick list of links in order of rating or something? Ok I understand some are rated ‘safe buy’ and some ‘editors choice’, and having read quite a few reviews, I came across the BenQ which seems to be considered best at the moment, but I am still not sure if I have read all those reviews i should have.

Nec got the best burners !! but <------> look below

ND-3550a or the ND-4550 which burns also on DVD-RAM

Lite-On are the best readers!! <-------> if you want a good reader



But is there anywhere on cdfreaks I can see their official current top 5 or 10? So that I don’t have to read through hundreds of reviews of poor burners to find which are considered the best. There must be something here, I mean loads of people visit just because they are looking to buy, and what they want to get to quickly is reviews of the current top 5.

Hear you go vba you can find all the information you need on what is the best burner for you here but remember burners come down to personal choice and what burner is best for me and works best on my system might be the worst burner for you on your system.

It is kind of hard to way that one particular model is the best over others. There are defanatly some that are junk, but among the beter drives, they all have strong and weak points. In addition, new models come out somewhat often making it hard to get an accurate ranking of what really is the best.
One thing I can tell you is that the benq 1640 and the nec 3540 are about the most popular writers among members here right now so I guess you could call that the best (all things considered including price). That could easilly change in a month when new models come out. Liteon’s burners are the most popular for error scanning (though not quite as good at burning as the nec or benq). The liteon 16p9s is about the most popular dvd-rom right now (in part because with modified firmware, it is the fastest ripper).

Many thanks indeed for your responses :slight_smile: if price was not an issue would there be one that stands above all/most others?

I dont believe that there are any “Best” dvd writers. Pretty much anything you buy now if its new will burn anything round and shinny. My friend owns a computer store so he tends to stock reliable components to reduce returns because of malfunctions. When i asked for a dvd burner he gave me a L.G. 16x dual layer and it has been flawless for me so far. Dont wory about anything better coming out because you wont be able to burn much faster than 16x dvd speed without the disks flying apart inside your burner. The next big thing will be blue ray or blue laser dvd burning but expect crazy high prices for awile when they first come out. So go buy a L.G or Lite-on for 50-60 bucks and you wont be disapointed.

:wink: Thankyou all very much indeed.

Agreed! :clap: