Easy way to convert dvd files

have several old training videos on dvds which i would like to merge into one dvd.

i have a variety of softwares to copy the dvd content to my computer but have found that just dragging and dropping works fine and the exact same files are copied and is not too time consuming at all.

what i would like to know is which of the bup ifo or fob files do i need to use to convert to a wmv file.

my intent is to edit those wmv files, clearing out the content i do not want…
(i have been taking a video editing course so think i can do this successfully)…

then merge all those files on to one dvd and use that as my training…that way i don’t have to keep putting in another dvd to do level 1, 2 or 3 etc.

am i asking for too much here. do i really need to copy the dvd to wmv format right away. that usually takes at least an hour.

i thought copying the way i do and then selecting the critical files, edit then convert to wmv. i will create my own titles and menus.

What you really need is an editing program that can import the .vob files in your dvds and allow you to make cuts.

The best programs for this are not free, but have free trials that are fully functional. Womble Mpeg Video Wizard DVD is one of them. VideoReDo Plus or VideoRedo TV Suite would be a couple of other choices. These programs are designed to work with the mpeg2 codec found within dvd-video, and can make accurate cuts without major reencoding. You really want to avoid reencoding or converting the video if possible, to keep from degrading the quality.

There are some free choices as well, that can make simple cuts for you, like AviDemux. It can work with mpeg2, but you should read the instructions on their wiki about this procedure.

If I were doing this project, this is the procedure I would follow. Rip the dvds to the hard drive, then use VideoReDo Plus (the program I actually have and have experience with) to combine the .vob files and do my cuts. Have VideoReDo output as mpeg2 files. Do this with every one of the dvds, then import each of the resulting mpeg2 files into VideoReDo and join them together. This will give you one big mpeg2 file, with all the parts you want to keep.

Now import this into a dvd authoring program. I use DVDLab Pro, but it is expensive. There are free options like DVDStyler, or GUIforDVDAuthor or DVDAuthorGUI. If you choose to use the trial of the Womble program I mentioned earlier or VideReDo TV Suite, they can both edit the video and author to a dvd.

The authoring process lets you make menus, and chapter points, and gives you a finished dvd-video, ready to burn to a disk and play in any stand alone dvd player.

By the way, to import the vob files of a dvd into VideReDo, highlight all of them in the Video_TS folder (it will look like VTS_01_0, VTS_01_1, VTS_01_2, etc.). VideoRedo will have a pop up window that asks if you want to merge them…say yes.

never tried this myself,and dont know if its better than what is already posted,but when using dvd flick theres an option to edit the files that you put in it.can try loading your videos into that program then edit them.have a good one.