Easy Video Joiner 5.21

Hi All,

I am a movie junkie and most of the time i download movies that comes in several parts (.avi). Then i used Easy Video Joiner 5.21 to join them. However these joined movies gets ‘pixelated’ and ‘deformed’ when i drag the time slider. Is there any other software that i can use to prevent this ? I am now forced to encode them to wmv before joining them so that the above does not happend.

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Michael Chia

Downloaded movies in 2 parts? Sounds very much like the sort of illegal stuff obtained by BitTorrent.

For the moment I’ll give you the benefit of doubt but ensure you comply with the forum rules about any illegal activites.

The best way to join these is with VirtualDub (free btw).

Open the first file, append segment - the second part. Go to Video & click Direct Stream Copy & then just save as …

2 minutes later you’ve got a complete movie.

no worries :slight_smile: no illegal stuff…just some japanese anime fan-subs…easy on my slower connection :slight_smile: