Easy track at once CD-R question

I have a Lite-On LTR - 52246S CD burner and want to burn a ‘mix’ audio CD without an breaks between the tracks. I’m using Nero (bundled).

All the track properties have a 0 second pause selected except the first one, apparently the CD technical specs insist that the first track has to have at least a 2 second gap so my first audio track is just 2 seconds of silence, then the 2 second gap and then the music starts.

Only when I burn it theres horrible EIGHT SECONDS of silence added on to the end of every track. Ie. a 4:02 song now becomes 4:10 long, and the last 8 seconds are totally blank. It doesn’t make any difference if I burn using track at once or disc at once.

What the hell can I do to fix this!? It worked fine on my old 4 speed burner but now I’m burning coaster after coaster and going crazy. Can anyone please help me!?

Hello and welcome to the forum. I believe that your problem is that you are burning “track at once,” rather that “disc at once” or “session at once.” Try this on a rewritable, if you wish, and I think that will fix your gap problem.

This post should probably be in a different fourm.

Thanks for the reply, and the welcome. I’ve tried both track at once and disc at once. BOTH give me those horrible 8 seconds added to the end of every track except the first one.

I’m not clear ohw it’s the wrong forum. My old burner worked fine, it’s this new lite on one that seems to be a problem.

Did you check the source audio files and make sure they don’t have silence at the end?

Yes, the tracks definitely don’t have any silence anywhere in them. They mix into each other at the start and end.

The only unusual thing I can think of is that I’ve used 79 minutes. Would cutting the total length back down to < 74 minutes help anything?


Try using the latest version of Nero, which I think is

Can’t seem to find it on the Ahead FTP site, but found it here:


This will update your bundled version to the latest one.


I updated it and now things work! How strange, but thanks!