Easy to use mpg editing software

I’ve just installed a Nebula DigiTV card in my pc and I am very happy with it indeed

The only thing I need some help with is after I have recorded something, the file is massive, around 250-300mb for a music video.

Can someone recommend some software that will let me edit the mpg file so I can take out adverts and so on and also tell me how I can convert it to dixv avi so the file size is smaller. I know I have downloaded music vids that are 80-100mb and still very good quality.

Many thanks.


I’d use Mpeg2vcr OR VideoRedo(either, No preference) for editing the output(if it is Mpg) and then use VirtualDub(most people prefer this) Or Vidomi(simpler, not everbody’s cup of tea), these two are avi encoders and convert to whichever codec you prefer/select. If the output of the TV Card is avi(200/300 mb should be an avi for a music video) then I’d use VirtualDub directly for everything i.e edit first and then convert to divx o/p.

Hope this helps.