Easy to use Jewel Case Labeling for Windows 7

I am looking for an easy to use labeling software for CD jewel cases. My operating system is Windows 7.

I have bought a few software programs but none of them have worked. One didn’t work on Windows 7 and the other software just did not work.

Some software is complicated because it also makes labels for the CD and DVD. I only need it for the jewel cases.
Any suggestions?


Hi and Welcome!

you want to create labels for jewel cases?
Simply use MS Word or Open Office.org Writer.
If you can’t find ready-to-use templates, you can easily create your own. BTDT.


I use a little program called CD Cover Print. Very easy to use but I’ve no idea if it will run on Windows 7. Worth a try though.

UndercoverXP works for me if you just need to print to the correct size.

Fine on Win 7