Easy test for possible toasted PSU?

Is there an easy, safe way to test a PSU without connecting it to a case and mainboard? Just to see if it is still functional.
I think an electrical surge or whatever has made scrap of my Enlight 450W PSU, is there any way to test it quickly?
And I am pretty sure my entire PC setup is properly grounded, by the way.
Thanks for anything here. :slight_smile:

plug a spare HDD or ODD into one of the molex connectors then take the 20/24 pin connector and short the green wire with one of the black wires, the fan in the psu should start spinning and the drive will come to life if it is still working, at this point you can also use a multimeter to make sure all the voltages are within spec

Thanks, I will give that a try.

Looks like the Enlight is stone dead.
The electrical irregularity also killed my LG monitor and UPS.
Kind of sucks.

Killed your monitor HOW?

I don’t know exactly what happened.
But keep in mind I kind of live in the sticks.
I live in a small village in rural southern Thailand where power transmission is probably at least a notch below standards in Europe, the US, or Japan.
Despite having a surge protector and a UPS, which the monitor was connected to, some electrical irregularity killed those three components of my PC and caused a blackout in my neighborhood. As I said above, I am pretty sure everything was correctly grounded. This all happened while my daughter was playing the Sims on the PC.
So now I am derailed a few weeks until I have some cash to replace those components. Like I said above, it sucks. On the bright side, it seems the Enlight PSU somehow prevented the other components in the case from being ruined, but they may have suffered some damage. I won’t know for sure until I get the PC running again.
Thanks for the interest CCRomeo.

If this kind of thing has happened before, you might want to consider a line interactive or dual conversion type ups. The line interactive ones are not cheap (usally a few hundred dollars), but it sounds like you might have just lost that much.
here are some that claims to be line interactive and start at 117$ (very cheap for a line interactive ups).
I have no idea about the quality of the minute man brand though.
Looks like there are others out there that are not too expensive also.

You wil probably go into shock when you see some of the prices on dual conversion ups’s, but there are lots of guides for home made ones much cheaper.

Your run of the mill cheapo (and not so cheapo) ups’s are just fancy surge protectors (the battery only comes into play if there is a power outage). These other types protect better, because they actually take the power you are using all the time, convert it to dc, and then convert it back to ac. It gives a much more positive interuption against voltage spikes etc.
here is a little more info.

Thanks, thats good info and some useful links as well.

When I bought the PC five years ago, I didn’t research the UPS as well as I should have. The shop gave me their run-of-the-mill cheapo.

I will definitely take your suggestions when I go to buy the components I lost, because the power transmission here is most certainly unreliable for consistency.

Thanks again.:slight_smile: