Easy setup to join the team!

If you find it too much hassle to get this all setup then download this RC5 Installer i made.

After installing choose C or M for cable or modem setup and everything is setup for you.The only thing about this is that you join as[CD Freaks] CD Freaks RC5 [CD Freaks] which is a default team member and you can’t change it to your name, all this does’nt matter that much as you will still be helping CD Freaks RC5 team to try and crack the key.

Many thanks to Redneck who helped out with this install stuff even though it is a done by batch files, heh what the hell it works

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yeah It rocks, don’t bother of the name, it’s the general help name (logicaly with a name like [CD Freaks] CD Freaks RC5 [CD Freaks] )

So the ones who didn’t join yet, get that installer and start cracking blocks for cdfreaks, you’ll see your stats too for that name

Heh Redneck don’t know if you have the latest version, i just updated it to install with the latest extractor.

Just click Ok and it will install to the correct directory.

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