Easy Safedisc & Safedisc 2 Question

I have an easy question about safedisc 1 and 2 that i can’t find answered, I’m sure it was somewhere. Both use bad/weak sectors and encrypted exe’s if i understand right. I was just wondering if I use a burner that can burn the weak sectors or a program to patch the image (ie:betablocker) then does anything need to be done to the encrypted exe’s or will the backup run as is. I’m confused after reading several different articles from different sites. Nobody has just simplified it in a few sentences. I can read all day about the implementation and what burners work with EFM etc… what I just want to know the short and sweet to burning a safedisc and safedisc 2 game, no article is exactly clear to me and some differ from each other.

Thanks alot :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the other burnner’s out there but I know that my Lite-On 24102b wirtes the disk useing clone cd just fine and doesn’t need any patching or other.

I hope this was direct enough for you.


Yes that answers most of my question, that drive has the write EFM bits correctly or ef whatever bits so i’m assuming if i patch an image and it worked right it would be the same deal. Now I just wonder the copy protection stays in tact? and what is the use of unencrypting the safedisc exes?

Originally posted by auxout
Now I just wonder the copy protection stays in tact?
Yes basically the protection stays intact if you use a program like CloneCD. The encrypted exe files are part of the protection often containing the protection check (to see if the error sectors are present) and also most of the times a CD-Check to see if there’s a disc in the drive. The latest SafeDisc 2 protected games even have an ATIP check to see if the used disc is a CD-R and thus not an original disc.

I have two last questions.
If you were to unencrypt the exes and put them back on the cd it would function as if no protection?
Also I wonder when does the safedisc check occur, when you go to run say the install program or only when you go to run the game and the encrypted exe is on your HD.

Oh yeah thanks for the answer G@M3FR3@K & thanks noxcyber forgot that in the last post.

Well I have burned some SafeDisk protected games (Flanker2, FS2000) just copying the CD on my HD with blindRead 2.03 and then transferring the copy to CD-r with Nero5…
I don’t know if it works with all SafeDisk protection!
In fact the real program is encrypted in the game.icd file and not in the original game.exe!
but you can make a new decrypted game.exe ( what you call a NO-CD crack!!!) using Unsafedisk1.5.5… You just need the game.exe, the game.icd and Dplayerx.dll…
But I haven’t understand well the way Unsafedisk 2.40.10 works!!!

I’ve read that the ATIP check can only be done if you use a burner to play the CD!
It doesn’t work with CD-reader…Am I wrong?!
Is there a way for the program to check if thi si a CD-R or the original CD while using a CD-reader?

You are right about the ATIP a normal cd-rom can’t check that.