Easy Quicky Firmware Flashing Q for an expert



I have spent a lot of time on thie Board - and learned a lot from you guys.
However - I need some further guidance please.

I would like to upgrade the Firmware on my NEC3500 using the following:
Quickee Version 3 Beta3 Flashing utility

I am looking for a very easy start to finish tutorial - step by step.
Those that I have seen, seem vey DOS orientated and pretty techy for a novice like me.

Would one of you experts please advise me or point me in the right direction.
Many Thanks


Hi, I will try to guide you through. It is a rather easy process if you use an internal drive (that’s what I am assuming).

  1. Go to http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/index.html
  2. Download the file named necflash_wingui.zip in the section named NEC-2500/2510A/3500A Firmware Utils.
  3. Download the Quickee firmware you want, if use the website I gave in number one you have there a file named Quikee_V3B3.rar, I will use this as an example.
  4. Once you have downloaded both files, create a new folder and unzip or unrar the files you got. In that folder you should have a file named NECWinFlash.exe and another one named Version 3 Beta 3.bin.
  5. Double click on NECWinFlash.exe, a window pops up and you should make sure that in the device the Nec drive is there, and then press Flash and a new windowd appears in order to choose the firmware you want to fash, then choose Version 3 Beta 3.bin, and a warning appears and you click on Yes, then the process goes on for a short while (one minute or two, in my case), and at the end you get a new warning telling you that in order the new firmware to become active you have to reboot your pc, you close that and reboot the pc, and voilá. Done.


Thank You - For a very quick and detailed response.
The Official NEC Firmware Update site option, goes into detail about Master and Slave and cable settings etc etc

I will let you know how I get on



When flashing you might want to turn off your Anti-virus, internet,and firewall. Just run minimal programs in the back ground.