Easy question for this forum

New to the BENQ crowd…
did some searching but i know someone can answer this in seconds rather than me searching for hours.

I bought the Khypermedia 8x +R dvd burner.
I believe it’s the BENQ drive

I know I should flash it with something but which NUMBERS am i looking for?..seems to be soo many different 8** firmwares floating around.

in summary, How do i KNOW it’s a Benq drive?
What should i be flashing it with and HOW might be worth asking…
does this flash give me -R capability or what is the reason for doing it?

THX a BUNCH :iagree:

Well if it’s a BenQ on the box it will say Made in Malaysia if it’s a Cyberdrive it will say made in China. But to know for sure and also know what model BenQ (DW800A or DW822A) go to your “My Computer” icon and right click on it and select “Properties” and go to your “Hardware tab” and then “Device Manager” and look at the CD/DVD category and left double click on it and it will show what you got. Once you know what you got post back.

UPC says made in malaysia
properties says ATAPI DVD +RW 8x4x12
that’s pretty much all the description i get

running xp home
K7VME soyo motherboard
2400+ sempron
CD rom on same channel as DVD as a slave

Well did you look in your device manager? I’m a little bit wary of telling you to go to the BenQ global site and flash it with the latest firmware, although you probably have a BenQ since it’s made in Malaysia. Have you installed it yet? There should be a way to read your firmware version which would give us more clues. I use CloneCD which you could download, it has a 21 day trial period and when you go to copy it will tell you the firmware version.


installed CLone cd
i get
manufacturer - ATAPI
revision B2F7
same product as i listed above

doing a search here i get DW800a is probably my drive and here’s the Firmware list…

<— Gap in the alphabetical listing, am I missing something?

EEEESH, where do i start? i just want simple stable dual format.
No RISK involved.

I see DW800A Win98/ME/2000/XP Firmware v. B2L7 at benq’s website
but what’s the 822 flash for?

Ok it seems as though you have a DW800A. The firmwares with the 2s in them are + formats only. The latest one is B2L7. You could try flashing to that first. You shouldn’t have to do the inbetween ones. The firmwares with the “3s” in them are the dual format firmwares (both + and -). You have to pay a one time $10 conversion firmware to go to the 3 series firmware and you can flash to the latest firmware after you convert (latest has the highest letter in it).


You can also use a hack firmware to make your 800 an DW822A. If interested follow this thread on how and ask PM me cause since its a hack it shouldn’t be discussed here.


You might see if you can flash to the B2L7 first.


You have a DW800A. Just get the B2L7 firmware from BenQ’s site.
You can get one of the “b3” series firmwares but it will only support 2x speed and it will cost you $10.
If you can find the b3d7 firmware that will support -R 4x but is not an official BenQ release.
The 800 is an excellent +R burner, however you wont be thrilled with the -R capabilities
If you wanted a dual format drive you should have bought one.
A 1620 can be had on newegg for $81 with shipping.
Take your Khypermedia back and invest in the here and now. :wink:

Not all 800’s will do the 800@822 trick.
Mine will take the firmware but will not recognize -R media.
It just seeks and seeks and finally comes up with “insert blank media”.

will try the B2L7
edit…b2l7 worked fine

i take it the 822 is what give u dual format…
i found out about paying for dual after i bought the drive…wasn’t really needing a dual format drive, but hey why not if it only requires a flash.

Yes, the 822 is the dual format drive.
If you can live with the +R only the 800 is a winner. It will overspeed a slew of 4x media and produce great burns.
A lot of people have success with the 800@822 “upgrade”, mine just doesn’t want to do it.
I’ve always suspected it’s because mine was manufactured in Sept. '03 (a very early production run).
Hey, you might as well give it a shot. Can’t hurt anything, it either works or it don’t…

Yeah the 822 conversion should give you dual format and dual layer. Supposedly in the patcher kit there is a way to convert back to 800. Just remember BenQ do better with + media anyway.

Hello, my drive is a “ATAPI DVD DUAL 8X4X12 B3D7” and can read and write CD’s just fine. It can also read DVD’s correctly. However, when I try burning dvds (using nero or record now) the software (or is it really the hardware) seems to think there’s no dvd in the drive.

I have never done any firmware replacement and am only aware of this page (http://dvdpro.club.st/firmware/BENQ_FW.htm) which has some firmware…But I don’t know if I actually need to update. Concurrently, if I get a cvt file, where must it be put/installed?

Could someone help me out?