Easy question for the pro's

Allright I have some mpeg movies which at playback have a small black row at the bottom displaying some useless information.

I want to remove this small black row.

Which software is the easiest to use for this and which the cheapest??

A bit more info please. Are these MPEG1 or MPEG2 movies and what form such as VCD, SVCD or DVD ?

Is it the black row you want to remove or the “some useless information.” with in it? Is there a black row at the top of the picture as well? What is the aspect ratio of the picture, is it full screen 4:3 or is it letterboxed 16:9 ?

Euh. :confused:

Allright, that proofs I’m a total newbie to this, because I have no fu@#@ng idea where to get that information!

I will have a look tonight.

As far as my knowledge goes at the moment: they are just mpeg-files (not yet know about what kind of MPEG) and I want to remove the whole black row (including some text) at the bottom, there is none in the top. This is just some advertising and ads nothing to the movie (except that it is very annoying).

How about clipping top and bottom or just bottom in VirtualDub.
Sorry I don’t have my copy handy to give you instructions. It’s fairly easy though if I remember correctly.

All right it took some time, but here’s some more info.

Display mode: Direct Draw
YUY2 Used
Surface: Offscreen

448x336 at 30fps
104857200 bps

Layer: 2 Mode: Mono
96000 bps at 44100 Hz

Version: 2.00.01

So with which program can I easily remove ennoying row’s?

I also have some movies (also mpeg) which are splitt up into a few small movies.

With which program can I easily combine these small mpeg-movies into one big movie?

I’m a total newbie to this, so please advise easy to use programs.


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Best way to crop it is by using FlaskMPEG. It has good cropping options, and it’s simple to do. It’s hard to explain it here, but there are thousands of guides on the Internet. Anyway, leave me a PM if you need some help.

If they’re all the same bitrate, TMPGEnc is the software you need! It has a “MPEG Tools” Section with Muxing/Demuxing (mixing video+audio), MPEG Join & Cut. Go to File / Mpeg tools and choose [MPEG Join], load the files, put them in order, and TMPGEnc will do the rest.

If Not all the same bitrate, TMPGEnc won’t work, so you’ll have to use a Video Editing Software (like Vegas, Premiere, Ulead Video Studio) to put all mpeg’s in a timeline and then render a new video.

Hope the info was useful. Greetings from Argentina!

Thanks mechbear, I’ll download some trial versions and look if it works.

If not you can expect a PM!! :wink:

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