'Easy Q' - Burning Images to DVD-R?



Hi guys,

I’m new to A120% so I’m after a little advice;)?

I’ve just made a backup of a much-loved family DVD and now I want to put back on to disc? I know i should have probably just don’t a ‘copy,’ but I wanted to experiment:bigsmile:!

Anyway now I’m left with a A120% image that wont fit on my blank DVD-R’s? I think its about 6Gb. Does A120% have any kink of compression feature? Like that of Clone for example?




Hi sam,

Alcohol has no compression feature. I would recommend using DVD Shrink http://www.dvdshrink.org/ to reduce the size of your ‘much-loved family DVD’. You’ll lose some quality, but it’ll be the only way to fit your backup on a DVD using some ‘shrinking software’. Except you’ve got a DL DVD writer, than you’re able to use some DL media which will do the job.


Thanks for your reply mate;) I’ll head over there now!

I was considering DL media as an option? It’s still so expensive though here in the UK! Don’t know how it compares elsewhere in the world?

BTW: My ‘much-loved family DVD’ is none other than Shrek 2. Just thought I’d let you know:D It probably gets a full viewing about once a week and with three young children in the house it gets quite a hammering :sad:!




You’re welcome sam,

also check out the Guides and Tutorials in the Transcoding Software Forum if you’ll need some advice for DVD Shrink. Good luck :).

p.s. you’re right DL media is really expensive in the whole EU don’t know what the pay in the rest of the World.