Easy Media Creator DVD feature options question

I was wondering if Easy media creator 7 has expert options or something where I can add what extra dvd features I want instead of having to add all of them or just the movie. If it doesn’t can someone recommend some software that does? Thanks.

What types of options are you referring to?

The option to burn the whole dvd with ALL features or just the movie. I was wondering if there is a way I can pick and choose what extra features I want to include with the movie instead of having all or none.

Yes I believe it does. Try clicking on each extra that it shows. I don’t have it installed right now because of a hd failure, so I can’t tell you exactly how to do it. I’m sure it allow you to remove certain extras. There are even blank vobs in the install dir.

Thanks, but can you be a little more specific as to how to go about it. I am new to the prog and am just learning my way around it. Also what is a “vob”. Thanks.

Is anyone ever going to answer my simple question??

Well, according to the easy media creator 7 help section it is impossible to copy just 1 feature of a dvd.

So can anyone confirm this and is there a program in which you CAN pick and choose which features you want to copy?

Unfortunately I don’t travel around these parts very often… :slight_smile:

Disc Copier in EMC7 allows you two options:

  1. Copy the full disc
  2. Copy just the movie (no menus/extras)

You would need to choose one of those, in addition you can choose to not include certain audio tracks/formats.