Easy Media Creator 8

Just tried to copy a DVD movie (decrypted) using Easy Media Creator 8 disc copier. It is supposed to encode the movie to fit on on a 4.7 DVD but ejects it asking for a DL disc instead. Easy Media Creator 7 and 7.5 always worked fine. Can’t seem to contact Roxio tech services on the internet. Anyone know what has changed? “Help” says it’s supposed to work but it doesn’t.

It’s been my experience that v8 is full of bugs. You might try posting on their support forums and see if you can get some help. Hopefully there will be a service release soon.

Your right, I should have thought of that. I looked and it is full of posts about this problem. Seems they have a major problem with their copy disc. Their support is really poor, online chat kicks you off before you can chat with anyone. After 20 tries, I gave up and will hope a new release comes out that will fix things. Thanks for the good advice.

it’s not roxio anymore, it’s sonic soluctions. 7.5 and 8.0 came out after they ripped the orginal team. next wondering question

When it was Adaptec the support was really good but when Roxio took over the downhill slide started and from what I’ve seen V8 isn’t worth the media it’s on. V7.5 is where I’m staying.