Easy Media Creator 7

I have a Sony digital camcorder. I transferred 1 complete minidv tape to computer in AVI format. I tried to make a DVD with part of the avi file with a Lite-on ldw-811S DVD RW using DVD +RW disc and Easy Media Creator 7. It appeared to work but when it got finished and asked which player I wanted to use to play it neither the Real Player nor Media Player would show any video or audio. The players would start but nothing else. Anyone using Easy Media Creator 7 have any idea what may be wrong.

Well got no answers, but I found my problem and it was cockpit problems. I have an XCard and the filters were enabled so I could get nothing on any of the players. Tried the XCard player and it played. I keep forgetting the filters because I normally don’t have to do anything with them when I play DVD’s on my TV.