Easy divx to DVD?! WHERE?



i struggled to learn all of the difficult authoring strategies for dvd, and bought/tried several pieces of software, until i discovered DVDshrink. It might not be perfect, but it is SO EASY to use, and i get great DVDs every time.

Now I am looking for a one stage conversion utility to go from divx to DVD, with similar ease.

Anybody know if there is any software out there that can achieve this without headaches, or a degree in programing?




Have a read of the DivX to DVDR tutorial in the Tutorial section (http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=62671 ). Might look complicated but once set up, all you do is load in DivX, set to 16:9, tell it where you want it to encode to and hit go. You dont have to be a brain surgeon to follow that. Then just load the 2 files it creates into TMPGenc DVD Author(or any other authoring program you like), set some Chapters (assuming you want them) and hit Run. Again, even my 12 year old daughter can do all that with no probs, then I’m sure anyone can. :bigsmile:

I’m not aware of any avi to dvdr equivalents to Shrinks dvd to dvdr.


Use TMPGEnc to encode avi to mpeg2. Use TMPGEnc DVD Author to encode mpeg2 to VOB (DVD) format. If you have no sound, make sure to multiplex it in TMPGEnc. This will not be apparent until the DVD Author aspect has been completed. Burn inside a VIDEO_TS folder.


The latest DVD2SVCD not only encodes the avi to DVD compliant mpg files, it can now author the streams using Scenarist and produce a VIDEO_TS folder full of VOB files etc ready to burn out. Just load the avi in, tell it where to encode to, set audio bitrate if needed, and hit go. Cant get much simpler than that.