Easy CD won't let me burn to Plextor

I have two burners installed on my system. I have a Lite-On 48x24x48 and Plextor 12x10x32. Today I tried backing up some files and was going to use my Plex. When I added all my files to my compilation and pressed the red burn button, Easy CD gave me a dialog box saying “This disc is ultra speed CD-RW media and the recorder is not capable of recording data to it”

First of all I wasn’t using a CD-RW. I tried two different disks thinking maybe the 48x CD I put in was not designed for the Plex 12x10x32. But with the slower rated media I got the same message.

Anyone know what to do?

My drives are setup like this…

Primary Master - Lite-On 48x24x48
Secondary Master - Plextor 12x10x32
Secondary Slave - DVD-Rom

Two Hard Drives on controller card.

I have seen one other report of this error, but am unaware of a solution in that case.

Apparently, the software may be misinterpreting the MMC codes sent by the Plextor in identifying a standard CDR as an ultra speed CD-RW disc. It may be that something about the Liteon’s ultra speed CD-RW capabilities is being corrupted when the Plextor is used.

I would try the following things:

Reboot and try again.

Insert a CD-RW disc and have it be recognized by Direct CD and/or Easy CD Creator. Eject the CD-RW disc and try again.

If this fails, try uninstalling and reinstalling Easy CD Creator.

As as troubleshooting experiment, try temporarily disconnecting the Liteon. Remove it in Device Manager and disconnect the power cable so that it won’t be recognized.

If any of these suggestions produce favorable results, please let us know. :slight_smile: