Easy CD DVD Creator



I have Easy CD DVD Creator 6 platinum, Every time I try to burn a cd it stops half way through the burning process or it starts then fails right away. I have tried selecting a slower burn speed, and used different cds to. Nothing seems to work…Please anyone that could help I would be greatful for your info. Thank you.


Any error message? Do all devices in the Primary and Secondary IDE channels running in DMA mode?


I dont really know what you mean by that, and there isnt any error message. Im not too sure how to figure out how to find out all that other stuff you asked e about im sorry.


Search this forum for primary and secondary IDE channels.


What is an IDE channel?


yes I figured out how to find that out and yes all are running on DMA???


I would remove ALL burn applications. Remove the Primary and secondary IDE channels from Device Manager. Reboot. Verify that ALL devices are running in DMA mode. Clean up your registry. Download the latest version of Creator 6. Retest.