EASY CD&DVD 6 very strange problem

hello ereryone! i have a problem i just can’t figure out. i used this program for a short while with no, problems. now, when i try to burn dvd files from hard disk, i set burn speed to 8x and hit the burn button as usual but, the top box write speed says .6x? and the progress is very slow. when i click file option, and choose current drive properties it says 125.9x? am i going nuts lol! after i abort because of the problem it shows 125.9x in write speed box with no, other options til i put in another blank dvd then shows proper speed options? if i uninstall the software and install the Nero 7 essentials which came with my Sony DRU 830A drive unit i have no problems? but if it is like the program i had before, it will expire soon. the Recode works fine on it but the smart burn feature so i can save dvds in image form no longer works. i will try to find a log file i can post which might be helpful in solving this crazy problem. i’m very desparete, for any help at all lol! Thanks! :confused:

It’s probable that Easy CD/DVD V6 doesn’t correctly identify the burner as it had a predefined table of recognised burners which required continual update. Perhaps you could go to the Sonic website & get an updated PX Engine which might fix that problem - if did for another member recently.

Nero Essentials supplied with your burner should not be time limited.

thank you very much! i will check into that. also, i updated the Sonys drive Firmware from the Sony site from ss15 to ss23. i guess that might have something to do with the problem. :confused:

Usually helps upgrading the firmware.