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hello everyone- i’m extremly new to this forum. i was recommended to come here to ask for any leads that would hopefully get me to where i can find a free download of roxio ecd cr. v4 or better… i’ve tried search engines like bearshare, kazaa ad limewire, but all i get are phony files or just the serial numbers which do not do me any good if i don’t have the program. any info will be greatlt=y appreciated and please accept my apologies if i’ve come to the wrong place for this-
thnks again.

Why in the world do you want easy coaster creator???

that aside, try www.ftpindexer.ru

maybe you’ll have better luck there.

that program really sucks!

anyhow, www.cdrsoft.cc might help you out

that program really sucks!

anyhow, have you tried www.edonkey2000.com ?

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that program really sucks!

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that program really sucks!

Echo, echo0000hhh :wink: :wink: