Easy CD Creator v5.0 Platinum Retail released

I just posted the article Easy CD Creator v5.0 Platinum Retail released.

The Final Version of Easy CD Creator v5.0 Platinum has arrived. The full version can be downloaded at CDR-Warez.
Source: C3P0

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1289-Easy-CD-Creator-v5_0-Platinum-Retail-released.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1289-Easy-CD-Creator-v5_0-Platinum-Retail-released.html)

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It would be even better if the link worked :9

DiViDeZeRo send words that his previous host had to remove his site due to its content, but no worries… DiViDeZeRo is back and with a complete new and by the way cool looking layout at http://www.cdr-warez.net/ . I guess he’s still having problems!

It would be nice if File 1 was virus free!!!

I’m a mod to Dividezero’s forum… All files are virus free, its a common fault of Norton Antivirus. The antileech script makes life difficult to download though. All files are clean and orking, but still there is the serial no. missing, hope he will sort this out today.

It still suprises me that people still want to download this bloated,system wrecking software in the first place.

Hi ya’ll! The server where http://www.cdr-warez.net is hosted at, is experiencing troubles at the moment. The apache with it’s current configuration can only handle 256 connections at a time… I hope all will be fixed soon… -DiViDeZeRo- webmaster @ http://www.cdr-warez.net

ecdc 5.0 stucked my plextor 12/10/32/a :frowning:

The link (http://www.cdr-warez.net) will be back up soon… -DiViDeZeRo-

Does somebody know where to download CD Creator v 5.0 Platinum? Server http://www.cdr-warez.net still doesn’t work :-((( THX

DiViDeZeRo, I was downloading the file rececc5p_18.zip Cdcreat5 from your www.cdr-warez.net, when the file was no longer downloadable.Is it no longer on your server?? Plz can you put it back on??

DiViZeRo, Where is Creator 5…?? I was downloading, now the file is not longer on your server. Please put it back on.:slight_smile: THX

I have been too look as well, now that the site is up and running at a good speed too. Can it be the that this was another beta build perhaps? :frowning:

Hello All, you can download CD Creator 5 Platinum using this link: http://www.paranoyas.net/download/download.htm THX for your THX! :-))


Hello there guys! I had the iSO at the same server where my homepage is located. I removed the iSO from there, since my admin didn’t allow these files there. I’m currently trying to find a stable server to host these files… It WILL be back!!!

And BACK it is… Thanx to toLTcaboLT for temporarely usage of his server… -DiViDeZeRo-

If anyone has a working s/n, my email is bsbox1234@hotmail.com. (If I can’t write this my apolgies…didn’t mean to offend the Admin)

hey the link is down again. Let us know when you get up’n running again.