Easy CD Creator v Nero - Which is best



I’ve gone through a lot of the threads, and can’t seem to see a thread on it. :slight_smile:

Can anyone point me in the right direction.:confused:

I’ve always used easy Cd, and found it very user friendly.
Only thing that gets me with it, is the space on the CD you lose once you’ve formated a CD.


I’ve used the copy [V5.5], that came with the CDRW drive, but don’t find it quite as user friendly.

Comments much appreicated:D


Have you seen this one. Kind of old but interesting when you read on. IMHO I like Nero 5.5 because of its interface and stability. I hate Roxio’s software because of stability issues and that I feel like an idiot when I use it (I don’t mean to offend anybody but the user interface is for newbies and idiots). I am quite capable of figuring things out by myself.