Easy CD Creator updates available

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Submitted by: PerLy
Source: http://www.adaptec.com/support/advisor/cdrupdates/

Easy CD Creator update 4.02 to 4.03 available from Adaptec/Roxio

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Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1143-Easy-CD-Creator-updates-available___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1143-Easy-CD-Creator-updates-available___.html)

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MP|3, why do you post this EZcreator shit? nobody but lame newbies use it! And there are no lame newbies on cdfreaks

I agree with R0bby!

I use EZ CD Creator for my most basic burning needs, and I’m not a newby. For burning regular mp3’s to a cd it’s the most user-friendly program out there.

Whahaha moriaty,

You’d better use NERO for your ‘needs’. If EZCD covers your ‘needs’ then your ‘needs’ aren’t that big

EZ CD sucks… trust me, I know!

I too use EZCD creating audio and basic data CDs. The reason being is big bad Nero always seems to screw up on my system. EZCD has never burned me a bad disk, and yet Nero loves buring coasters. think I’m the only person in the world that doesn’t like Nero…

i agree with some of you its realy a newbee prg but i still use the 3.5c version to make my basic data cds cause nero eat 1mb more space of the cd then easy cd!

but nero is much and much better use it 99% for my brunings and the other 1% is for cdrwin for the iso`s

old news hosé

i think neros betta, but ill use cdrwin 4 copyin normal cd’s, dickjuggler 4 multisessions, and nero 4 custom cd’s with my own stuff on.

just a little note - dont install nero and adaptec ezcd at the same time, they fuck up ur system pretty bad. i remember doin it when i was a newbie… soon learnt tho…

complete crap. nero is the best burner by far (excepting clonecd etc - just for basic files). nero is small, efficient, reliable and DOES NOT BURN COASTERS. that is the fault of your configuration!

Well, the Nero is much more reliable on my system, but I use EZCD to burn music CDs - the 0 gaps makes the CD much nicer to hear :slight_smile:

Look at your Nero settings Ilya, 0 gaps are possible, throw EZCD in in the dustbin .

does it support BURN-proof?