Easy CD Creator Sucks!



The easiest way to copy cd’s was with cd creator from adaptec. But version 4 can’t even copy the simplest cd. First their was some kind a millenium bug in the first 4.00 release, but the new release 4.01. Isn’t better.
Does anyone know of a new patch 4.05 or something like that ???


Than don’t use the 4.00 release.


I wouldn’t use that program for any thing it sucks !


Why not. I use it for almost anything.
Don’t know exactly what problem you have but
do NOT use CD Copier from EZCD 4. It’s crap.

Instead drag & drop the tracks from the ori
ginal cd to your layout screen and burn the
cd. It is exactly the same but it this
works !!! I never have a burn failure since I’ve been using to program.


Tha Sentinel,

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It really sukcks!!!


I have had easy cd whatsit, and have found it good for a hile then it glitched. I since then had installed nero and it is all i ask for, though i thought that ezcd would do what was required if doesnt, so my advice is to drop it completely and go hunting for another

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