Easy CD Creator - Sounds Like A Coffee Percolator



Hi, my name is Gary.
I am a newbie to this group, so if this has been answered, please bear with me. I searched, but didn’t see anything similar to my problem.
I decided to transfer some of my old Xmas tapes to CD, so I used Rip-Edit-Burn to make .wav then .mp3 files to burn onto a CD with Roxio Eay CD Creator Ver 5 Platinum. I have done this before with some tapes, and records, and it has always worked out fine.
However this time, when I burned the CD, I got a popping noise that sounds like a coffee percolator.
The sound is not evident when I listened to the songs on the computer, only after it was burned to the CD.
I also tried using the MS file transfer method (through Windows XP) and it works fine, with no noise whatsoever.
I like the features of Roxio ECDC, but don’t like the results of my latest efforts.
Is there some sort of protection device on some tapes, to stop copying? I can copy tape to tape with no problem.

Any help or suggestions to fix my problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch.



i think u answered your own question. ie., it has to be Roxio ECDC v5 thatz causing the popping. try an update ? is not ECDC now @ v7 or something ?


Hi Gary,
FYI, I was using Roxio 5 to convert my MP3s to Audio CD ( For playing in Car ), what worked great, almost perfect quality. Then I got muself Roxio 6, used the same settings but quality output is TERRIBLE. No lows, no Highs, no dynamic. Removed it and installed Rosio 5 againwhat is still my favorite.