Easy CD Creator problems just won't go away



I just posted the article Easy CD Creator problems just won’t go away.

Recently we and later also TheRegister reported that EasyCDCreator running on a Windows2000 system could give you lots of problems. Then there were also solutions, and Roxio replied on the issue, but…

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Stop using EZCD - End of problem !!


ezcd isn’t really that bad. it’s just simplified compared to other burning software. but it’s strange to see so many people complaining about ezcd5 and win2k. i installed it b4 on win2k pro and win2k advancedserver. it already had tons of software on it, office, acdsee, photoshop, NERO, clonecd, games, etc. and i have never seen any problems happening. maybe i’m just lucky. so my point, ezcd isn’t bad. it’s just simple. which is good. so if you’re using it with no problems, no be scared with these reports of pc’s no longer working because of it. if you’re the unlucky soul that got the bug, then lessong learned, find something else (NERO).


Easy CD :r Who uses Easy CD? No one… No I correct, no one who knows some other software. But there are many people who don’t use it, either cause they don’t know there are other softwares too, or then they are just scared to use those. But they should know that Easy CD… well what could I say, It sucks, big time… well use it if you want but I won’t…


wonderboy and nhelesh I have to agree with both of you…


you people obviously have not had to teach someone how to burn cds. nero is great. i use it. but when i let my kid sister burn cds, i let her use ezcd on the other computer. why? just because i don’t wanna bother explaining all the settings that can be done. i don’t have the time. and ezcd works out great in this department. at least it doesn’t have to be understood by typical users.


obviously my post is in defense of myself. since you guys probably think i love and use ezcd. but i don’t plain and simple.


follerec has a point. I use EZCD4 for custom CDs and CloneCD for everything else. I have v5 but have not tried it yet. v4 did have problems identifying the CD drive if certain other software was installed, even those which had nothing to do with CDs. Nero isn’t bad but but EZCD is easier for newbies. :slight_smile:


I agree with follerec since I have a similar problem. I have to teach a bunch of people to write CDRs at my work. Not everyone is a whiz or even understand the details when told about the technicalities of making CDRs. EZCD is a god send in this apartment. I just wished that NERO had an easy interface option - it’s the best but not for newbies or should I say dumbies. :4.


and the only thing i really love about ezcd is that it still detects and supports my old SCSI based Creative CDR4210. one of the first burners that came out. with 4x read and 2x write! haha. nero can’t detect this on my old computer so too bad. but nero works great for may yamaha crw8824e thank goodness!


You should get yourself a new burnder - follerec! If i had to wait 40mins for a CDR to burn, i would top myself! waiting 7 mins on a 12x is time enough! dont like easycd5 myself, uninstalled it f*cking quick, once i heard about the problems it has!!! :4


haha. thanks for the tip. but i already have a new burner! just bought it last november. a yamaha 8824e. its an 8x burner. that’s when i first used nero. and loved it haha. yeah can’t wait that long for burns either. but i usually do it before eating dinner. loved the fact that i can just leave nero alone to burn. didn’t trust ezcd ever since it crashed (BLUESCREENED!!) while burning! sheesh. haha. good thing it hasn’t happened again for 1 year now.