Easy cd creator platinum 5. problem

ok ive just installed easy cd creator platinum 5.
i have taken all my other burnning proggie’s out first.

once easy cd is installed and i reboot i get this on a blue screen.

the 32 bit device driver CDRPWD(01)+0000AD23 has attempted to use a asystem device which is not installed???

i have to press Esc 3 times before pc will boot.

i am running window’s ME on a 1 gig althon .

any ideas please

please post the make & model of your burner & also the exact version of EZCD 5 Plat.

This thing is possible if your burner is not supported by the software.

Remove Roxio’s Easy CD Creamater from your system and install a more stable burning program like Nero Burning Rom that updates quite often :smiley: Have you installed the latest update (5.3.2)?

If not, install the update and see what happens m8.

Shoebedobedoo :cool:

my burner is a warnes wpi cdrw 4424
the easy cd creator plat 5.0

The error message is referring to the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS\Cdrpwd.vxd file.

This is a DirectCD packet writing driver.

Something probably went wrong with the installation. I would suggest that you uninstall the EZCD program and reinstall it again.

Let us know if this works. :slight_smile: