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I just posted the article Easy CD Creator fix….

Some people who run Windows 2000 and use Adaptec Easy CD Creator may get an unstable system. The problem starts due conflicts with Microsoft Windows Media Player 7. This program overwrites important…

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Who cares? Easy CD Creator sucks ass. It even makes buffer underruns with the PW-W120WS


may get ??? LOL U always get an unstable system when u install EZCD Creator !!! No matter which OS u use ! :wink:


Installing Mediaplayer 7 under Win98SE isn’t fun also…
Got the following nice
“Critical in Explorer.exe
Re-install Windows.”

I really didn’t need that…


Should be "Critical ERROR etc."


Adaptec might make the best SCSI cards in the market but their EZ CD Creator is anything but easy. It’s a biggest piece of crap that I have ever used, specially the new version version 4.0 which is pure garbage with buffer underruns, pops, cracks writtten all over it even with all the supposed patches. The dudes in adaptec should rename this masterpiece to EZ"COASTER" Creator.


CD Burner software made in Europe (ie. Ahead, Elby, …) now rules the market than in America (ie. Adaptec, NTI…) IMHO since 1999… I now NEVER use those apps from America…


Easy CD Creator is handy for the stuff Nero won’t write (2,4,6,8 bit audio)(and some mp3’s that nero says fuck off too


I never seem to have problems with Easy CD Creator. My friends (both with Ricoh CD-RW) always seem to experience problems but I’ve never had a problem with it.

I do run Windows Media Player 7 and Windows 2000 Advanced Server.


Hi guys,
I have troubles too with Easy cd creator and my plextor 8x4x32 and toshiba dvd.
I only copy some music cd’s and once in a while pc/psx games.
I’m not a hardcore copier,can anyone advice me for a good prog?


Your solution is as follows:
(Should have been named Easy Cd Crapper)

Get Nero or something…
Links at cd-freaks mzin page


hi, i just got Easy cd and i can burn cd to cd nicely but i can’t copy the stuff i have downloded onto a cd, i don’t know maybe i need a whole new program to do that. If that is the case could someone let me know OR if there is some way of doing it with easy cd, please also let me know.


Hi guys…
Well personally i think Adaptec aint to bad however there are a few annoyances that piss me off…
1 is the updates there all screwed and dont patch properly ive experienced however overall its good to have an alternative to nero every now and then. The 1st 4.0 ver was shit! bug ridden like nuffin else good thing they fixed that up anyhoo i guess theve got a long way to go… cya