Easy CD creator does not recognise CRW-F1

Dear members

I bought a CRW-F1 yesterday. I am in UAE - DUbai, It came with a bundled NERo software but I already had a copy of Easy CD creator 4.0 and Direct CD 3.0 from my previous yamaha burner. Now this new CRW 44X is not recognised by easy cd creator. Can anyone please help me. I do not like Nero specially because Incd does not support CDR whereas Direct cd fully supports CDR too. I did go to the local dealer but he is also not able to help. If I need the latest version of Easy CD then plz do tell me will I have to buy a new one or is ther any way I can get an upgrade free of cost.



There is no free upgrade from Easy CD Creator 4 to version 5.

Roxio doesn’t show support for the Yamaha CRW-F1 on their web site, but a dump of the supported recorders on the latest Easy CD Creator v5.3.1.154 contains the following entry:

{“YAMAHA CRW-F1E,YAMAHA,CRW-F1E,YAMAHA44X,cdrmmc.drv,155,1”}

If this description matches your burner description in Device Manager, then the burner should be recognized in the latest updated version of Easy CD Creator.

This does not mean that is recognized yet by DirectCD (which may be why the web site does not show support). If DirectCD is not yet supported, support should follow shortly.