Easy CD Creator affecting Win9x machines as well

I just posted the article Easy CD Creator affecting Win9x machines as well.

If you are an average reader of our site, you might have noticed the serveral reports (like this one) on Easy CD Creator in combination with Windows 2000.

Now it seems not only Windows 2000 users…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1921-Easy-CD-Creator-affecting-Win9x-machines-as-well.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1921-Easy-CD-Creator-affecting-Win9x-machines-as-well.html)

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Personally I think people are just trying to give Roxio a bad name. Don’t think it has problems with win9x. Always worked fine. Think it’s a new hype. After nagging on Mr. Gates, it’s now roxio’s turn.

Sorry, MP|3, but i have to disagree. I found 2 person with this problem (personally reinstalled Win98 on one and removed all Roxio’s software on the other). Roxio really :r

Personally I think people are just trying to give Roxio a bad name.
You mean they have a good one? Adaptec & Roxio :r

LMAO stay away from that cr** dudes…

I think DoMiN8ToR’s point about hard drive controllers could be relevant. I stopped having probs with EZ CD 5 after I installed a SCSI CD-RW (Plextor). I have also now changed to Nero, so reliability is 100% better!

is it just me or has this product gone from being a product no one liked because it was bloatware and lacked features to being a huge and amazingly effective virus equivalent??

EZCD creator blows.

i have used easy creator 4 and 5 both ejected before it closes the cd :frowning:

i made a copy of creator 4 and the drive does not even recognize a cd in the drive

Hi all, Let me share with u guys my experience. I was happily compiling my 80s music when suddenly, the CD Rom Drive that I was reading data reported errors in extracting data. On and off, it either recognises the disc or reports error on the disk. As a result, the other CD-RW Drive I had made several coasters out of my blank CD discs. I had suspected some problems with the Roxio software and am faced with the difficult option of formatting my harddisk and reinstalling everything again!

I’ve had problems with EZCDC not recognizing blank media… most of those problems were solved by turning off DMA transfer to the CD burner drive (automaically enabled by power dvd)