Easy CD creator 6 versus Nero

Hello everybody
Well it’s my first participation on this forum and hope to find a useful reply

well i don’t use Nero and as i see everybodys here aer talking about Nero why?
maybe coz it’s a freeware?!!
what are the disadvantages of roxio easy cd creator 6…
i need your sugestion…

nero’s not freeware, and u could’ve found a lot of threads on this subject if u just searched.

nero has/had some more advanced options some people use on this forum (that is why they use the name CDFREAKS)

Most people will be satisfied with Easy CD creator. It is very easy, but the new NERO is starting to look like Easy cd creator

ALso Easy cd creator used to conflict with other cd writing software, so people un-installed it.

Nero also has some nice audio plugins, so youy can use APE and Ogg with it

(by the way i don’t use any of them right now…i use burnatonce)

@ AZImmortal as i said it was my first post here
and i did a wrong search about my topis that’s why i asked…
anyway thank you all. i got it…